About Us

Minimal Ethic is a creative Atelier connected with the world famous Tattoo studio Der Grimm Tattoo, in Berlin. 

We love to create and share art, and in our big location we have our laboratory and show room, next to the tattoo rooms of the beautiful Der Grimm. 

Our instagram: @minimal.ethic

Der Grimm Website: www.younghearted.tattoo

Instagram: @der_grimm_tattoo

M.E. was born in 2020 as a spontaneous and genuine development in Diamante Murru's artistic and personal life. Diamante wanted to expand her artistic impact with a business which could embrace her profound and wholehearted respect for the planet.

While spending most of her life performing several types of art she kept exploring and experiencing different cultures, and developed an even deeper purpose to pursue.
ME is her way to make a difference in this world.

By merging together sustainable fashion, with little or no impact on the planet, and an art still shaped around the human body, ME aims to provide ethic clothing, made of natural fabrics and produced in ethical environments, with that artistic passion which is the core of the Diamante Murru Tattoo Artist.

M.E. is a dynamic brand.
It was born of an heartfelt passion and respect for the environment and its in constant development.
In the era of the fast fashion, when everything is consumed too quickly and and get disposed of, Diamante wanted to create art pieces with no footprint on the earth.
This mission is the common denominator of each and every single one of the collections, making M.E. a project which many invaluable artists collaborate to.

“As the founder of M.E. - Diamante said in a recent interview - I have to make sure the mission, the reason why I created this brand, is never, ever uncertain. There is absolute no doubt we can do as little as or as big as we want to preserve our planet health and to respect and protect the environment and the animals. And I want to do as big as I can, that’s my purpose.
That is why I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do something which would really be helpful.”

New artistic collaborations and an unstoppable will to research new materials are the key to make M.E. the vehicle of a new life approach.
Behind any collection drop there’s a team of individuals who truly believe we all can do something to help and constantly look out for new textures, fabrics, materials.
Diamante is on the first line to test the new pieces and does work on each and every one of them.
Each piece of art comes with her name, her art, her mission, her love.
Just don’t miss it, as much as you wouldn’t miss a tattoo session with her.
Giulia Cirina