T-Shirt Chrysanthemum
T-Shirt Chrysanthemum
T-Shirt Chrysanthemum
T-Shirt Chrysanthemum

T-Shirt Chrysanthemum

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Our new very soft black T-Shirt, with a large golden Chrysanthemum print on the side. 
Diamante Murru desigend the new basic Collection dedicated to one of her favorite flowers. The Chrysanthemum signifies joy or beauty and holds various meanings all across the world. The golden flower is a symbol for love, compassion and wisdom.
designed by Diamante Murru
100% organic cotton/Vegan/Unisex
Fair Wear/Printed by a small local business
Chrysanthemum Print on the side/Small Minimal.Ethic Print on the back


Care Instruction
Hand wash/or Use cold water with washing machine 
Do not tumble dry
Prefer eco-friendly soap


We use natural and organic fabrics:

100% Organic Cotton / Lencing Tencel Lyocell / Bamboo

Our clothings are Handmade and 

Vegan PETA Certified

For ready Clothings: We ship within the next days after received your order.

For the PRE-ORDERS: Our clothings are hand-made, we need within 2-4 weeks to prepare the items and be ready to ship them to you.

We're thankfull for your patience.

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