Marion Crampe. Outstanding performance at Minimal.Ethic

Friedrich Thomsen


Outstanding artist, dancer, model, and instructor, Marion Crampe will perform at the creative Atelier, Minimal.Ethic, on the 12th of September. She is preparing a special act for the event. She revealed a few sneak peeks for the interview with Minimal.Ethic. 

"Berlin is one of my favorite cities. A place where you can be yourself fully and unapologetically."

Each person has their own path in life. Marion has been told that she isn’t talented enough to become a very good dancer. She said that she kept believing that it was something that was waiting for her. Today, she is a well-known artist, performer, and instructor. She won many awards and titles, such as the "Most Positive Role Model in the Pole Community, 2014 & 2016" and "French Pole Dance Champion, 2012." Marion said in a recent interview how much every day matters. It is a way to move on, to evolve, to be alive. Through her art, she's even able to fly.


Friedrich Thomsen


With her hair hanging performances, she sparks attention, questions, and a fascination for this art that seems magical. Little is known about the history of hair hanging. It was first shown by Chinese performers in the early 1900s and at circus performances. To create a moment of weightlessness, you need to be well prepared.

One of the secrets is a well prepared hair rigging to distribute the pulling force equally across the scalp. But every artist has their own secrets and own way to do the process that requires careful study and years of experience. Marion said that she loves to explore the capabilities of her body and to go through difficult times of discovering that even impossible things are possible. This gives her the ability to fly.

Friedrich Thomsen


In her show at Minimal.Ethic, she will find a way to combine her disciplines and the story of her own evolution, with the spirit and creativity that Diamante Murru reflects in her artwork. Marion said that she has never met Diamante in real life; they are just connected via social media. But there is something magical and special about their relationship already. Marion will wear a special made kimono at her performance, out of the new collection by Minimal.Ethic. 

"The rest of the show in Berlin will stay a secret until the 12th of September."

Marion is actually living in Spain. She used to travel the world, but due to the travel restrictions, she had to find a new way to create, perform, and do her classes. She started to explore her new opportunities. Due to her online classes, she now reaches to a new audience from countries she has never travelled to before, like India. 

Marion said that this is something she truly believes: "There are beautiful things coming out of every chaos. We need faith and to spread love and kindness. There is hope for humanity. There is light."


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Interview with Marion Crampe for Minimal.Ethic.

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