Art Gallery

We created our Art Gallery to share our love and deep appreciation for all Arts.
Our Gallery is a place where we collaborate with Artists to create Exhibitions and host Events including Performances and Workshops.

The Gallery is located in the well-known Tattoo Studio Der Grimm Tattoo and is directly connected to our Atelier and Boutique.

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Art Gallery Minimal.Ethic

Opening Times
*Due to Covid our Gallery is currently closed*
Mon - Friday  11 - 19
Sat  11 - 17

An der Industriebahn 12, House 407
130888 Berlin, Germany
Once entered in the Tattoo Studio, you can ask the lovely Shop Manager to show you the way to the Art Gallery.

If you would like to expose your Art, please find more Information in our Exhibition Offer

If you are a Performer / Musician / DJ and would like to create an Event with us or be part of one of our Events, please write at