Exhibition Offer




We are “Minimal.Ethic Art Gallery” connected with the tattoo studio Der Grimm Tattoo in Berlin. 

Our location has constantly visitors due to the traffic of guest artists from all over the world and customers every day. 

Our offer: 

Our rent formula include the Inauguration of the Art Exhibition with :

    • Vegan sushi catering from Secret Garden
    • Drinks 
    • Print 250 flyers
    • Digital advertising on our Instagram and our partner’s social media ( @der_grimm_tattoo and private artist’s IG: @diamante_murru, @younghearted.tattoo, and more.)
    • Interview on our website
    • Newsletter 
    • Advertising flyers at Der Grimm tattoo studio location and restaurant/bar partners in Berlin

Rent 2 weeks 250€
Rent 4 weeks 400€

We don’t charge any commission on the selling of the artworks so the artist will keep the 100%.

The artist is free to arrange (at his own expense) a musician/dj/performer , approved from us, for the Inauguration of his exhibition. 

For further informations and to apply send an email to: