Kimono #07
Kimono #07
Kimono #07
Kimono #07
Kimono #07

Kimono #07

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Handmade kimono designed by Diamante, created into our atelier in Berlin and printed with woodblocks by Miriam (IG: @woodblocktattoo)

For this Kimono we used 2 different fabrics, One from Nepal, and one from Austria: 

Soft, silky smooth, finely woven twill with a very fine twill weave made of 100% Lencing  Tencel  Lyocell.
Very supple and beautifully flowing when falling, breathable and silky soft on the skin.

Renewable raw material: Tencel fibers are made from cellulose, a component of the renewable raw material wood  . According to the Lenzig company, the wood for Tencel comes mainly from sustainably and legally managed forests (FSC-certified). 

The fiber is a regenerated cellulose fiber: natural, renewable raw materials are further processed industrially.

Compostable and biodegradable: fabrics made from 100% Tencel - without elastane! - are biodegradable.

Resource consumption:   For the entire production process of Tencel fibers, attention is paid to saving and recycling water: There is significantly less for the production of Tencel fibers Water is needed than for the production of cotton fibers or man-made fibers.

Please note the following important care instructions so that you can enjoy these beautiful fabrics for a long time:

Washing: Please separate Tencel fabrics at max. Wash 30 ° C, light hand wash without strong wrestling / pressure 

Detergent: ecological mild detergent for wool / silk 

Drying: ideally hang up dripping wet, please do not use a dryer !

Ironing:  at level 2

If these care instructions are not observed, white stripes can appear on the fabric, which are due to the special nature of the Tencel fiber in combination with the special production process.