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How to live a happier life

Don't we all want to be happy? On our way to reach this goal we may follow different advices. But do we ever try just to listen to ourselves? Do we give us the time of learning and trying to find our own way of finding happiness and balance. Like everything in life this a journey, a journey of try and error. But how to find out what you truly need on your way to live a more happy life?   Do one thing at a time We trained ourselves to be more efficient, to handle all the tasks in our lives. This gives us the illusion of control and we keep on going. We may even get positive feedback...


How to create a capsule wardrobe

Many of us may get the feeling of not having enough or not the perfect clothes as soon as we open our closet. The ironie is - our closets are often full of stuff and we even lost the overview. So having more is not better. Building up a capsule wardrobe is part of the movement to live a more minimalistic and sustainable lifestyle. A capsule wardrobe is build on just a few essential clothing items that you can mix and match with one another to create different outfits. This will save you time and money and is a statement againt fast fashion. Because this will lead you into a more thoughtful process of buying.   Follow these tips to...