Our Ethics

Welcome to Minimal Ethic
Born from a Desire for Change

Founded by Diamante Murru in 2020, Minimal Ethic is more than just a sustainable clothing brand—it's a movement. We emerged from the necessity to create minimalist, stylish pieces that respect and preserve our planet and its inhabitants.

At Minimal Ethic, we are dedicated to making a positive impact, one sustainable step at a time.

Our Mission
At Minimal Ethic, our mission is clear: to design cruelty-free, fair, and sustainable fashion. We believe that together, we can drive positive change on this earth and look good doing it.

The Fashion Industry Challenge
The fashion industry is a significant contributor to climate change and environmental pollution, often exploiting animals and humans for profit. Fast fashion has exacerbated these issues, encouraging overconsumption and waste, with many garments ending up in landfills or unworn in closets.

Our Solution: Slow Fashion
Minimal Ethic is committed to the principles of slow fashion. Our pieces are sustainably made, vegan, and ethically produced. But we aim to do more than create clothing—we strive to educate and inspire. We share our knowledge and continuous learning journey with you, promoting a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle.

Join us in making a difference. Together, we can redefine fashion for a better future.

We believe that mindfulness is the door to a better world.

More Details on our Core Values:

Embrace Mindful Consumption
At Minimal Ethic, we encourage a more mindful approach to fashion. This means not only understanding where your clothes come from and who made them, but also considering how many clothes you truly need.
Consumer Power
As consumers, we hold the power to drive change. We often find ourselves with an abundance of clothing, yet consistently reach for the same beloved pieces. These favorites make us feel good, fit comfortably, and help us express our identity.
Our Commitment
These are the kinds of pieces we strive to create at Minimal Ethic. Our designs prioritize comfort, quality, and style, ensuring they become staples in your wardrobe. Join us in redefining fashion with thoughtful, sustainable choices.

Cruelty-Free and Fair Fashion

At Minimal Ethic, our commitment to cruelty-free and fair fashion is unwavering.
Ethical Production
To ensure our products are ethically made, we collaborate only with suppliers and manufacturers who maintain transparency about their working standards. We are dedicated to providing a dignified and safe work environment, with zero tolerance for racism, sexism, or any form of inequality.
Fair Compensation
We believe in fair and equal pay for our team, reflecting our core values of respect and integrity in every aspect of our business.


The Fast Fashion Challenge
The fast fashion industry poses significant environmental and ethical challenges. Creating sustainable and ethical fashion is a complex and evolving process, and while we strive for complete sustainability, we recognize that it's a journey still in its early stages. At Minimal Ethic, we are committed to learning, developing, and improving daily, doing the best we can with the knowledge and resources available to us.
For us, sustainability goes beyond using ecological fabrics; it also means producing high-quality items that last. The most sustainable clothing is that which you love, care for, and wear for a long time. We prioritize sourcing materials that ensure the best quality, focusing on sustainable and ecological options whenever possible. However, due to the nascent stage of eco-friendly material development, we sometimes choose durable materials from trusted companies that may not yet be labeled as sustainable.
We are transparent about our material choices and the reasons behind them, providing honest labeling in our product descriptions.
Zero Waste
Our designs are crafted to minimize waste, utilizing leftover fabric from one style to create another. Any remnants that cannot be used in new styles are repurposed for sampling.
Climate-Friendly Practices
Both we and our suppliers use renewable energy resources to minimize our carbon footprint.
Embrace Slow Fashion
At Minimal Ethic, we break away from the conventional fashion cycle, choosing instead to focus on timeless, high-quality pieces released in limited quantities.
Thoughtful Production
We don't adhere to the typical summer and winter collection schedules. Instead, we release one style every few months, allowing us to invest time and love into each product. Our priority is not on fleeting trends, but on creating pieces with excellent fit and enduring quality.
Limited Editions
Each of our styles is produced in limited quantities to ensure they find a person who loves them. We won't reproduce a style until it is completely sold out, maintaining exclusivity and reducing waste.
Lunar Drops
In harmony with nature, our new styles are launched on full or new moons. This practice allows us to honor and connect with our beautiful earth, reflecting our belief that we are all one.

Embrace the journey of slow fashion with Minimal Ethic, where every piece is made to be cherished for years to come.