Be Sustainable.

The Fast Fashion Industry is one of the biggest challenges of this planet.

Making sustainable and ethical Fashion is a complex topic and a developing process that is just in its beginnings. By the standards of the industry today, it is almost impossible to be a completely sustainable clothing brand.

As much as we would love to be fully sustainable already, we need to understand that, as is the Fashion Industry still in its beginnings of sustainable fashion, so are we.

We are still learning and developing and improving every day. It is a process and our hearts are committed to do the best we can, with the knowledge we have, at every given moment.


Being Sustainable for us does not only include to use ecological fabrics, but also to produce items in a high quality that last for a long time.

Because nothing can be more sustainable than loving, caring and wearing your clothes as much as you can.

We take a lot of care into sourcing the materials that insure the best quality, and our priority here is on using sustainable and ecological materials.

Since the Industry is just beginning to put more focus on the development of products that are ecological and recycled, it is often still a challenge to find good quality materials.

We try to put both, sustainability and long levity, as priority, but in special cases, choosing the most sustainable material can mean for us to use a material from a trusted company, that might not be labeled sustainable or ecological, but we know it will last a long time.

All the materials, and the decisions on why we chose them, are honestly labeled in the product description.



Zero Waste

We are trying to make designs that complement each other on the fabric lay. This way, we can use the leftovers of one style to make another product. What we can not be used for new styles, is used for sampling.



Climate friendly

The energy used by us and our suppliers comes from renewable energy resources.

Sustainability in the Studio

A Fashion studio has its own little challenges in being sustainable. From the Office supplies to shipping to the food we eat at work, to be fully sustainable is a process. 

We use paper that is made from sugarcane, and we try to minimize paper waste as much as we can.

Our products are delivered in PVC-free packaging and 100% recyclable boxes.

We consume only foods in the studio that are vegan and mainly organically produced, to protect the animals, the environment and the farmers.