Be Minimal, Stay Ethical


Our suppliers are :

Vegan, organic, fair and eco-fashion produced exclusively using renewable energies for climate protection

Climate friendly

 means low-carbon production. Through closed-loop production, this CO2 emission is significantly reduced, namely during the entire cycle from cultivation to processing, packaging and transport. Every station in the production process is checked. The energy required comes from renewable energy resources, especially wind power. The natural CO2 emissions during cultivation and during transport are compensated by an increased production of green energy.

Environmentally friendly

The products are delivered in PVC-free packaging and 100% recyclable boxes.

Vegan certified

No animal has to suffer for our products. We manufacture clothing without animal components and animal testing, which is an important part of our fair company philosophy.

Ethical business practices

Our suppliers are members of the Fair Wear Foundation, thus supporting fair and ethical working conditions worldwide.