Be Minimal, Stay Ethical.

Minimal Ethic is a sustainable clothing brand founded by Diamante Murru in 2020.
The Brand was born because we felt the need for minimalistic pieces without harming the planet and its inhabitants.
Our mission is to create cruelty-free, fair and sustainable fashion.
We believe that together we can make a change on this earth, and look good while doing so.

The Fashion Industry is one of the biggest challenges of this planet. It does not only play a huge role in climate change and environmental pollution, it also uses animals and humans for their profit.

But the responsibility is not only on the industry, it is also on the consumer. Fast Fashion has become the norm, making us buy way too many things that we don't need. Often clothes just end up in trash or sit in closest never worn.

With Minimal Ethic we want to create Slow Fashion, that is sustainable, vegan and ethically produced.
We want to not only make clothes but also share the knowledge we already have, and everything we are still learning, with all of you.
This does not only involve fashion but also sharing ideas on how to live a more sustainable and mindful lifestyle.

We believe that mindfulness is the door to a better world.

More Details on our Core Values