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Minimal.Ethic Tattoo was born because Diamante Murru wanted to transfer the Core Values of Minimal Ethic into her work as a Tattoo Artist.

To protect the health of the customer and the Artist, Tattooing has a high sanitary standard which requires many single use products that are mainly available in plastic.
To create a Plastic-free work environment for Tattoo Artists and not compromise on the hygiene, Minimal.Ethic Tattoo Supply offers essential single use products, made of Eco-plastic that are 100% compostable.

Each product is developed with love and is made from only natural, plant based materials that don't contain any fossil fuel derived and plastic counterparts.

Single use but less stress for the environment.

Thanks to studies, research and our own experience, the performance of the products is not compromised and they are equal in quality and resistance then regular products.

Minimal Ethic Tattoo Supply offers Tattoo Artists a starting point to do a little step, that can make a big change.

Beauty and Health are one. 
The Beauty of our Art and the Health of our client, do not have to compromise the Beauty and Health of our planet.


Create Beauty, be responsible. 

Discover Minimal.Ethic Tattoo Supply