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The Healing and Cleansing Ceremony. 1st of November

On the 1st of November there will be the first Kambo ceremony at the Art Atelier of Minimal.Ethic. It will be lead by the experienced practitioner Ivan. The 1st of November is the day after the blue moon, the second full moon in the month of October. The Blue Moon is a time when you are meant to do something extraordinary. It's all about expanding your horizons.


Marion Crampe. Outstanding performance at Minimal.Ethic

Outstanding artist, dancer, model, and instructor, Marion Crampe will perform at the creative Atelier, Minimal.Ethic, on the 12th of September. She is preparing a special act for the event. She revealed a few sneak peeks for the interview with Minimal.Ethic.


First exhibition of Ben Hopper at Minimal.Ethic

Ben Hopper is a well-known artist, activist, and conceptual photographer. His outstanding works and projects have been shown in different cities all over the world. For his exhibition in Berlin, he selected 36 of his favorite pictures to be shown in the new build gallery of the creative Atelier, Minimal.Ethic.