The Experience Of Body Suspension

Body Suspension - an  intense practice that is often descripted as an empowering, life changing experience.  It has a rich history that orginated in India, 5,000 years ago, as a religious practice to show their devotion to the gods. To explore the connection of body and spirit. In some native american tribes it was practiced as a rite of passage for young warriors.

The practice of suspension did not disapear over this long period of time, it rather begun to flourish in a modern-day society.

Body Suspension can be a chance to get truely in contact with yourself, because your mind goes absolutely quiet and you are truly in the moment.

Everyone experiences suspension differently. Your physical, mental and emotional state can effect how you feel during the process. It is important as well how you feel with the people around you, that you are supported and safe.  There are so many things that can influence the way you feel, so your experience will always be different.

Before you start the piercer will clean the area of your body where the hooks will be placed, every piece of equipment will be sterile. The piercing process itself is often descripted as hot or sharp. The initial feeling of weight or pressure on your hooks can have a burning sensation and is often called “burning in” the hooks. Once your skin has reached full extension, it’s descriped as a feeling of pressure and tension on the skin in that area. There are different possibilities where the hooks can be placed, depending on the event. But it is often pierced on the shoulder blades or knees. The time of suspension depends on your own comfort during the experience.

As soon as you get lifted into the air, many say it would feel like every negative emotion would leave your body and you would be able to see the world, yourself and all the problems you may had in your life in a completly different way.

Body Supspension is hard to descripe, but it’s worth experiencing at least once in your life.

On the 11th of October will be the first body suspension event at Minimal.Ethic. Not more than seven people people can book a place for this event, that will be lead by the experienced body suspenders Alexander and Maria.


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